WHY BUY A B100 S Bespoke?

  • The Life-of-the-mattress comfort guarantee vs. the standard 90 days comfort guarantee eliminates the risk of your purchase decision: S Bespoke support profile can be reconfigured to a life time of needs and changes to your body and health condition.
  • S Bespoke configuration algorithms, based on three decades of research lead by Institute Proschlaf in Austria, have demonstrated their effectiveness in improving sleep quality.
  • Made to order and shipped in a box direct to your home. The North American manufactured S Bespoke mattress ensures competitive and fair pricing, as well as timely delivery.

The Multi-Zoned support profile is customized
to both you and your partner’s needs.

You can easily reconfigure
the support profile at any time.




Buy your B100 S Bespoke mattress online from any of the leading e-tailers.

You will get the mattress and a set of 12 or 24 support inserts, depending on the size of your mattress, in a box.


Go to our web site
and get the recommended configuration thanks to our virtual simulator.

Based on 3 decades of research, the simulator will calculate the optimal support profile for both you and your partner.


Test the mattress in the comfort of your bedroom and find that 100% match.

Your B100 S Bespoke mattress comes with a Life-of-the product comfort guarantee. Insert them yourself as many times as you need or acquire a new set of support inserts for a minimal cost from your preferred site, in case you need more.


The greenest bed from Spaldin Sleep Systems, the only company that uses 100% green materials on their mattresses.

Ellen Degeneres